Leadership Development Masters Programs

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The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a 5-day highly interactive and experienced program that shows you the leadership techniques and skills you need to know to achieve your potential leadership.

The people in your organization who are in leadership positions need to know how to get the best out of everyone. Influential leaders encourage trustworthy, trustworthy and employees to grow, take risks and stand in their positions. Since leaders are needed at all levels of the organization, the best illustration is that all your employees play a leadership role.

Leadership Development Masters Programs

Leadership Development Masters Programs

LDP consists of five full-day sessions (8:30 am to 4:30 pm) once a week for five weeks. Attendance every day is mandatory.

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Take a look at why leadership development is a growth industry and what it means to be an effective leader. Learn about the five capabilities that lead to leadership success based on the research of Jim Couges and Barry Posner. Add areas of your leadership strengths and development through 360 feedback and self-assessment activities and take the first step in developing a leadership development plan.

Instead of managing change, take the perspective of a change leader. Take the opportunity to change professionally and personally and move forward.

We learn about change by driving the company through a full day immersive simulation! Working as a team, we help “Globaltech” make a change in its strategy. Some staff consider this change to be great, others are on the fence and others are completely against it. With an 18-month deadline and a budget of $ 500,000, your team will create a change plan with the goal of increasing the purchase level of the culture from the current 6% to 60%. The future of GlobalTech is in your hands. Good luck!

Great leaders know how to bring out the best in individuals and teams. How should we create the conditions to promote cooperation and strengthen individuals in our offices? In this module, we compare the models of teamwork and evaluate your team with the model. We look at the advantages, barriers and components of high-performance teams and apply your skills in team simulation. Allows others to work on the basics of other leadership practices.

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Recognize the unique contributions of others, appreciate them in different work environments and celebrate values ​​and achievements, promoting inclusion and purpose. In this module, we will examine different types of coaching and examine diagnostic tools to determine the type of coaching required. We practice and demonstrate training and feedback skills in small groups with real office scenarios. Together, modeling the way and encouraging the heart are ideal leadership practices for building effective relationships and sustaining organizations.

This module captures the entire Leadership Development Program. We will summarize the key points in the assessment tools you have completed, review the program’s top five exercises, summarize the basic content of each day in the program, combine program concepts, and challenge ourselves to implement the program in the future. , And discuss the next steps. We also work in groups to complete the simulation of experiential learning based on the program. Finally, we will also provide you with certificates to mark the completion of the program.

Based on the current principles of interactive and experiential learning, LDP builds knowledge and skills through group participation, learning, self-assessment, reflection and up-to-date content.

Leadership Development Masters Programs

All learning materials provided digitally on canvas will be personally delivered at the KW Nazar Center. Individual giving includes teacher motivation, small group exercises, large group discussions, interactive learning, networking and ample opportunities and breaks for questions and discussions. Participants must bring a laptop / digital device to access all learning materials during the program. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided. Please read our COVID-19 information sheet to learn how to prepare for assessments and programming.

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Virtual presentation via Zoom is done with all the learning materials provided digitally on the canvas. To use Zoom, participants must have a computer, microphone, and webcam with speakers. The training provided includes teacher motivation, small group exercises, large group discussions, whiteboards, interactive learning, networking and a variety of questions and discussions.

“The leadership development program is probably one of the best programs I’ve ever taken. The facilitators are very attractive, knowledgeable and showcase the material very well. I recommend this program to emerging leaders and top leaders. It’s a great tool for A leaders. To put in the box.”

Brent Pederson is a trusted consultant with 15 years of experience in 2 global consulting firms, has worked in 8 countries, is always the best rated consultant, workshop facilitator, conference presenter and publishes articles regularly. He previously spent 15 years in the energy sector and 10 of those 10 years under direct leadership. Brent specializes in consulting, leadership assessment and development, coaching, performance management, legacy planning, organizational design, leadership change and innovation in the mining, oil and gas, financial services and public sector sectors.

Brent holds a Master of Education (University of Regina) and certifications in Energy Engineering (SAIT), Organizational Design (USC), Adult Education (St. Francis Xavier) and HR Management (Queens).

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He is Associate Dean and Executive Director of Noreen Business School. He is a dynamizer and educator with over 20 years of experience in guiding people and cultivating greatness in others. Noreen has in-depth training in business management with both education and experience.

Having successfully led many teams he is able to support the latest trends in leadership and management development with “real life” experiences. It is recognized for its unique ability to move forward in a collective, complex and structured environment and to focus on positive outcomes for all stakeholders with a passion for problem solving, guidance and confidence building.

She facilitates a variety of activities through her various careers, including leadership and management, personal finance management, governance, strategy and risk management, financial reporting and assurance.

Leadership Development Masters Programs

Director of the Eureka Experience, Rachel is an experienced and award-winning educator, passionate artist and aspiring entrepreneur. It encourages individuals, groups and organizations to “do” in a passionate and productive way. It investigates major issues and provides clear tools for leaders and teams to move forward by fostering bold communication. Rachel holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com). Rachel Myers-Briggs is also the Certified Facilitator of Typology Indicator (MBTI), Focus (Open Pair Communication, Understanding and Analysis) Facilitator and Certified Facilitator in Canada.

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Brooke Klaassen is an Assistant Professor in the School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan. With more than fifteen years of experience in secondary education, his teaching specialties include marketing, business strategy, decision making and entrepreneurship. Prior to teaching, he was a senior administrator at a business school and led a team of student service staff for nearly eight years.

Brooke has been a management consultant for nearly eight years and has completed more than 70 projects in the areas of strategy, governance, organizational change and communication. Its client list includes private, public, government and domestic companies from a variety of industries. He is also an excellent writer, and his works have been published in several peer-reviewed journals.

Interested in bringing this program to your organization or your organization team? Fill out our online requirements assessment form and show your interest in customizing this program internally or to suit your needs.

Cancellations received at least twenty (20) working days before the program start date and all guarantees (textbooks, etc.) returned to Executive Education will be fully refunded. Cancellations received within twenty (20) working days before the program start date must pay an $ 1200 administrative fee. Cancellations received less than five (5) working days from the start date of the program are subject to the full cost of enrolling in the program.

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If a termination request is received twenty (20) working days before the start date of the program, the transfer of the program will be approved without penalty. A fee of $ 300 must be paid for program transfers within twenty (20) business days of the program launch date. All guarantees (textbooks, etc.) must be returned to Executive Education before the transfer can be processed.

Alternative program transfers may be approved depending on program availability. Transfer requests must be scheduled within six (6) months of the initial purchase.

Applicants are responsible for the price difference of program fees at the time of application. There is a $ 300 fee for each subsequent transfer request. Good leaders can create or break a team. Although more and more people are asking to step into leadership roles, the path to good leadership is long and not always easy.

Leadership Development Masters Programs

Leadership activities are a great way to develop the skills and abilities needed to be an effective leader. Learning these skills is not easy, especially when most leaders do not have effective training or support. In this article, we will look at the leadership activities you need to master to lead a high performing team.

Effective Leadership Activities And Games (for Great Leaders!)

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