Colorado Springs Middle Schools

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COLORADO Spring, Colorado () – New threats to Colorado Springs Middle and Elementary School are uncertain, but the district continues to take all precautions, a spokesman for Academy District 20 said.

“Although the situation was remedied yesterday, new social media threats appeared overnight, this time affecting both Chinook Trail Middle School and Elementary,” Cortez said in an email to the media.

Colorado Springs Middle Schools

Colorado Springs Middle Schools

The area identified new threats Tuesday night and immediately contacted the Colorado Spring Police Department. According to a letter sent to parents and shared with News 11, police have identified the students as victims and do not believe there is any legitimate threat to schools. Both schools are open on Thursday, but the community says parents can keep their children at home if they choose.

Chinook Trail Middle School

Cortez told 11 News that the number of school threats has increased in recent days following a shooting at a Michigan high school. None of the local threats were found to be credible.

“The events that took place in Michigan last week have put everyone in our area on high alert. Whenever we see a national court like this, we experience the same thing in the community here.

“Our school is one of the safest places you can go. We have security teams, SROs [school-based leaders], and we work closely with CSPD when we know what threats.We follow the rules.we keep our students safe and this is our first priority, even when it is not reliable, we also bring security to this campus because we know it will be our learning.

Yesterday Chinook Trail Middle School suffered a major threat to the school via social media. While this situation has improved and we are not trustworthy, unfortunately, last night we became aware of the additional threats posed by social media.

Parents Of Colorado Springs Middle School Students Worried Over Threats Despite School’s Assurances

Last night, we worked with the University Security Service (ASD20) and the Colorado Spring Police Department (CSPD). All rumors threats are investigated by CSPD. Students have been identified and at this stage, CSPD has considered all unreliable threats. We will work with the parents of those affected, using CSPD, and local policy to give appropriate results.

In addition, we will continue to work closely with both the ASD20 and CSPD security teams. Today there is business as usual in CTMS and CTES. However if you choose to care for your student, we fully understand and respect your decision.

These are incredibly interesting situations, and they can change very quickly. Please let us know if you find or write any new information. And please encourage your students not to share such posts, but rather ask them to share the information with a trusted adult.

Colorado Springs Middle Schools

On Thursday evening, police added more back to the traffic. Police revealed that what they saw during the investigation was widespread. Police said no one has been contacted or anyone has shared information publicly about the location of the threat. They can repeat what they think they have heard. Police also found false and external links / information sharing about these photos. Some examples include:

Police Explain Why Alleged Threats At 2 Colorado Springs Schools Were Only Rumors

Photos shared with the weapons were taken a year ago and are not related to any threat to the school. A photo of a student with a knife was also found, taken two months ago at another location, which is not the school. However, because so many people have screenshots of these photos, many believe they are new and have shared them on social media and say they are part of a new threat.

A photo posted of a student with a birthday cake with the caption “Three more days” read, attaching the reading to their birthday. However, someone on social media thought the photo should be related to the threat and the school would sell in three days. It quickly spread on social media. The SRO has continued to pursue these rights, and no one can say how it created the relationship.

Law enforcement has been reported to have a “hit list” with several students and parents linking to the original photos. During our study, we found that students were talking to each other and outlining what they thought would be the venue in a school shooting if someone threatened. No “crash list” has been created, but it is distributed.

“CSPD would like to reiterate that we fully understand the concerns of these images and the support of our community that seeks to play its role in preserving everyone,” Lt. James Sokolic, of the Colorado Springs Police Department. We have read the announcement. “We urge everyone to please use appropriate traffic forms, such as calling law enforcement, reporting incidents to school authorities, or using Safe2Tell. Safe2Tell is an important tool to remember, and when inaccurate information is turned on social media instead of informing the authorities., it hinders our ability to conduct timely investigations, please avoid spreading false information and rumors and through official channels, contribute to our community by creating traffic.

Horizon Middle School

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