What Is The New System Update For Android

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If you have recently purchased an Android phone, you may be asked to install one or two security updates. You may have noticed that these updates generally do not add many new features. Instead, they are small – a few hundred megabytes or more. Significantly, they are independent of major versions (such as Android 12) and updates that bring a lot of new features.

However, while they may seem unprecedented, security updates are obviously the most important. As you might expect, if your personal device is subject to potential data breaches and malware attacks, this is not ideal.

What Is The New System Update For Android

What Is The New System Update For Android

So in this article, you will quickly see what are the security updates, how they work and when the next update will come on your Android smartphone.

Was Passiert, Wenn Sie Ihr Android Telefon Oder Iphone Aktualisieren?

The basic operating system of Android or AOSP is open source. This means Google creates and maintains the program, but any third party may voluntarily review the code, make recommendations, and modify it for their own use. That’s why Samsung phone runs completely different software than Xiaomi or OnePlus device. In short, manufacturers build their own features on top of the site provided by Google.

Why is that important? Well, from time to time, security analysts will find new bugs and vulnerabilities in the Android operating system and submit a disclosure report to Google. Once the problem is detected, Google creates a patch and integrates the updated code into the Android Open Source program.

However, it is absolutely impossible to release a new software update for each vulnerability. Most security bugs and holes are very small and do not affect most people immediately. Also, researchers generally do not disclose exploits until a patch is released. This is called responsible expression.

For this purpose, many links are usually bundled into one large package, which comes as a security update on your smartphone. Google notifies device manufacturers of these upcoming fixes in advance so they can try to release the update all at once. However, in reality, most Android users do not receive updates every month, as we will discuss in the next section.

What Are Android Security Updates, And Why Do They Matter?

In addition to the main Android operating system, exploits and vulnerabilities can occur in some other areas. Take, for example, the chipset or display of your smartphone made by a third-party company such as Qualcomm, Mediatek or Samsung.

These components interact with the Android operating system through a proprietary code, and similar exploits may be detected over time. For this purpose, it is important that they obtain standard security patches from their manufacturers.

However, once the connections are ready, your device manufacturer (and carrier) must supply them to your device. Some newer smartphones receive monthly updates, while others may receive new patches only once a quarter. However, under the agreement with Google Mobile Services, most manufacturers sign in, however, to provide security updates for the first two years of the device’s life cycle.

What Is The New System Update For Android

Generally, Google releases two “level” security updates each month, one ending in 01 and the other ending in 05. The first includes fixes for all issues related to AOSP, while the one ending at 05 resolves issues related to the third. Party Elements and Privacy Code. Each month, Google publishes a security bulletin describing the content of patched vulnerabilities on the Android website.

Google Play System Updates (februar) Bringen Einige Neuerungen Mit

Receive the October 2021 Security Bulletin with dozens of revisions. Each is labeled with common vulnerabilities and manifestations (CVE) identifier and characterized by severity. The page also describes how each vulnerability may affect Android devices. For example, RCE or remote code activation exploitation allows an attacker to execute malicious commands on a device.

Although this information is invaluable for public transparency, most end users do not need to know the details. And most devices have even more vulnerabilities, depending on the device or manufacturer by default. In other words, you do not know the exact details of all the amendments included in the security update for a particular month.

Note that most security connections do not include feature updates or changes to the overall user interface of the device. As we move to Android 12, they come in the form of regular software updates each year, although most manufacturers take the extra time to release major updates on their devices. However, some manufacturers add minor feature fixes and bug fixes to their security updates from time to time.

Device OEMs such as Samsung, Nokia and Google create their own versions of monthly security patches. This is because they should add fixes for additional device-based exploits or exclude some fixes that do not affect their devices. You can usually find updates on the respective manufacturers’ websites, such as this page for Samsung.

New Android Malware Spies On You While Posing As A System Update

Newer phones running Android 10 or later can get important security updates through the Play Store. This is Project Mainline, an initiative of Google, which facilitates the updating of the Android operating system into modules and enhancements. Importantly, it allows certain parts of the operating system to receive updates through the Play Store in addition to full firmware updates from the device manufacturer.

Since both shipping methods are independent of each other, your phone may display two different fix dates. As shown in the image above, the correct information is usually found under Settings> About Phone> Android Version. The idea behind having two update channels is to allow older devices to continue to receive important updates through the Play Store. This will become more important if a major exploit like Stagefried comes back.

If you go for regular security updates from Android manufacturers you will get them within a few years – longer than feature updates. Take the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for example. It got Android 9 — the last major feature update — in February 2019, almost two years after the phone was released. However, it continued to receive quarterly security updates until mid-2021.

What Is The New System Update For Android

Starting with the Pixel 6 series, Google has promised to provide security updates for five years – a full two years rather than a three-year warranty for Android version updates. Samsung, the world’s largest Android OEM company, has been offering four-year security updates for all of its devices released after 2019. Other brands including Xiaomi, Nokia and OnePlus do not offer the same level of consistency across their product portfolios. However, these days most of them promise at least two year security updates.

You Can Now Find Out About What’s New In The New Google Play System Updates / Digital Information World

In terms of frequency, newer and better known devices like the Samsung Galaxy S21 receive connections relatively frequently – once or twice a month. Devices on the opposite end of the spectrum (read: low-cost smartphones and tablets) may receive less priority in the manufacturer’s update cycle. However, an update should come in once or more every few months.

It should be noted that these deadlines are subject to change from the manufacturer’s promises and at any time. Over the years, we have seen many devices end their lifespan earlier than expected. Others have received more security and feature updates over the years than originally promised. If the security of your device is important to you, look for brands that have the best record of updates for your next smartphone. The new malware with powerful spyware is designed to steal data from infected Android devices and trigger automatically at any time. New information is ready to come out.

Spyware can only be installed as a system update application by third-party Android App Stores because it is not available in the Google Play Store.

Since most power users will never install it, it severely restricts the number of vulnerable devices.

Best Brands For Android Updates

However, when your data is stolen, this remote access Trojan (RAT) can collect and send a vast amount of information to its command and control server.

“Once under control, hackers can record audio and phone calls, take photos, view browser history, access WhatsApp messages and more,” they added.

Once installed on an Android device, the malware sends a lot of information to its Firebase (C2) command and control server, including storage statistics, Internet connection type, and the availability of various applications such as WhatsApp.

What Is The New System Update For Android

If the spyware has root access it will use access services after collecting data directly or tricking the victims into implementing a feature on the compromised device.

What’s The Latest Version Of Android?

It scans the external storage of any data stored or cached and presents it to the C2 server when the user connects to the Wi-Fi network.

Unlike other data-stealing malware, it will only be launched by ContentObserver and Broadcast Android recipients when certain conditions are met, such as adding a new contact, adding new text messages, or installing new applications.

“Commands received through the Firebase messaging service trigger actions such as recording audio from the microphone and deleting data such as SMS messages,” Zimperium said.

“Only the Firebase connection is used

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