Samsung Mobile Software Download For Pc

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Microsoft’s Your Phone app now allows more Samsung users to drag and drop files onto their Windows 10 computers and vice versa.

The Microsoft Your Phone app is perhaps one of the most useful for people using Android phones and Windows computers. The program allows users to seamlessly access notifications, answer messages, and make and receive calls on their computers.

Samsung Mobile Software Download For Pc

Samsung Mobile Software Download For Pc

Now you can take the feature even longer as long as you have a Samsung device or Surface Duo. You can now drag and drop files from your Samsung phone and your Surface Duo to your Windows 10 PC, without having to connect any wires.

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The new drag-and-drop file feature requires a Samsung device running Link To Windows version 1.5 or higher. Fortunately for you, this includes almost all Samsung devices as old as the Galaxy S9.

The new drag-and-drop feature supports all types of file types except folders. However, you can only transfer up to 100 files at a time and no single file can be larger than 512MB in size.

You can currently drag files from the Gallery app on your Samsung phone or from the My Files app only. From your computer, you can drag and drop any file of your choice to the Samsung device.

First you will need to download the app Your Phone on your Windows 10 PC. After you have done that, follow the steps given below to transfer files from your Samsung phone to your computer.

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Remember, minimizing your Phone app during the drag-and-drop process cancels the transfer and you will have to restart.

Some Samsung devices also support copy and paste text function, as well as RCS Messaging via the Your Phone app. You can read all about it here. editors select and review products independently. If you buy through affiliate links, we can earn commissions that help support our testing.

Have you ever wished you could run an Android app or game on your computer so you wouldn’t be removed to a tiny phone screen? You may need to test a feature on Android, but you don’t have a handy Android device. Your choices depend on which mobile device you have or which version of Windows works, but here are a few ways to run Android (and its apps) on your computer.

Samsung Mobile Software Download For Pc

For apps installed on your phone, you don’t need anything amazing to get Android on your computer. Microsoft’s Your Phone (Opens in New Window) app lets you connect your Android phone to Windows to access apps, view notifications and photos, and send messages. You can even add Android apps to favorites or pin them directly to the Windows taskbar.

How To Transfer Files To Windows 10 Pcs With The Your Phone App

If you want to mirror your phone screen directly, click the phone screen image in the desktop program of Your Phone (Opens in new window). Give permission to the app on your phone, and your phone screen is displayed in Windows. You can then navigate the phone screen with the click of a mouse.

This is not always the ideal solution. Although the feature will work with many Android devices, it works best with Samsung phones (Opens in new window). Some features require a Windows 10 Computer running the May 2020 Update or later with at least 8GB of RAM and Android 11.

If you’re looking to play, this can come with some delay and graphical clarity, and you won’t be able to easily share files from your computer directly to an Android application. But it works a bit for quick access to the Android apps you’ve already installed. (Here’s more about connecting an Android phone to a Windows 11 PC.)

Like Android, you should try BlueStacks (Opens in new window). Over the years, it has become the best Android app around, making it a great solution for games and apps that don’t have a responsive desktop version.

Ways To Run Android Apps On Your Pc For Free

BlueStacks 5 (Opens in new window), the latest version of the software, takes up (Opens in new window) 5GB of space on your computer (along with any programs you download). Open the app, and you’ll be greeted with a personalized home screen and access to the Play Store. Download any apps you want, and they will appear on your BlueStacks home screen and Windows desktop as their own shortcuts. Double-click an icon to run the application in question.

If you specifically want to play Android games on your computer, consider installing BlueStacks X (Opens in new window) instead. This version of the program is a cloud-based solution that allows you to stream games without having to first download them. Therefore, there are no maintenance requirements with BlueStacks X.

The emulator contains built-in mappings for your mouse and keyboard that you can customize with the touch controls you find in different Android games. You can also adjust the resolution, DPI, FPS, and the amount of CPU or RAM allocated to the emulator, ensuring you get the best balance between speed and graphics fidelity.

Samsung Mobile Software Download For Pc

Because BlueStacks uses virtualization to mimic Android, you want to log into your computer’s BIOS and enable Intel VT-x or AMD-V, if your computer supports it, for best performance. You may also be able to search for “Enable or disable Windows features” in Windows and check the Virtual Machine Platform option.

Download Odin 3.13.1

BlueStacks, unfortunately, comes with a few advertisements and clutter, but it’s not as intrusive as it once was, and it’s a small price to pay for the functionality you get – especially considering the Android version options (Open in new window) for offers.

If you’re looking to explore the Android operating system itself – rather than individual apps – Genymotion is a decent emulator. Its main product is designed for developers and costs money to use, but there is a free version of the new window software) that you can download for personal use; you just need to first create an account on the site.

Genymotion uses VirtualBox to mimic Android, so you need to have VirtualBox installed on your computer or download the version with VirtualBox combined. During the download process, be sure to select the Personal Use version during the wizard. (And, like BlueStacks, you want to enable Intel VT-x or AMD-V from your computer’s BIOS if you need to.)

When you start Genymotion, it will present you with a list of devices you can install – this determines the screen resolution, the Android version, and the resources assigned to the emulator. Install the model you want and double click to enter Android. You will be able to navigate around the home screen, launch apps and mimic some events like GPS location.

Software Updates Für Samsung Galaxy Modelle

Note that you’ll start with a very simple version of Android that doesn’t even come with most of Google’s modern apps or features, though you can add the Play Store by clicking the Open Gapps icon in the sidebar to install it.

Also, no matter which model you choose, you won’t have any of the usual versions of Android – choosing the Samsung Galaxy S10 model, for example, won’t have Samsung’s One UI. It only determines the resolution and specifications of the virtual machine. (However, Genymotion supports Android versions 4.4 to 10.0.)

Genymotion works well for exploring Android settings and other built-in features, though I don’t necessarily use it to run individual apps, as it doesn’t integrate as well with your computer as something like BlueStacks. If Genymotion isn’t right for your needs, Google’s official Android software development toolkit (Opens in new window) also comes with an Android emulator, though the setup is more complex.

Samsung Mobile Software Download For Pc

If you are looking for something fuller, the Android-x86 project (Opens in new window) brings you as close as possible to real Android on your computer. Android x86 is an open source project that introduces Android to the x86 platform, allowing you to run it on your computer instead of an ARM-based phone or tablet.

How To Remotely Access And Control Samsung Phones Using Windows Pc

To run Android x86, you have a few options. If you want to run Android on its own, as a desktop operating system for your computer, you can download it as an ISO disk image and burn it to a USB disk with a program like Rufus (Opens in new window). Then, insert that USB drive into the computer in question, restart and enter the start menu (usually by pressing a key like F12 during startup).

By booting from your Android x86 USB drive, you’ll either be able to run Android in a live environment – without any impact to your computer – or install it on your computer’s hard drive for constant use (and better performance).

Alternatively, if you want to run Android x86 on your existing operating system, you can download the disk image and run it inside VirtualBox (Opens in new window). This is again a little more advanced if you are unfamiliar with VirtualBox, but our guide to running Windows on a Mac can get you used to the process.

The official website has some tips to get started and run Android-x86 (Opens in new window) also on a virtual machine. However, it is more work than using something like BlueStacks

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