Middle Schools In Colorado

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New Middle School Schematic Design April 26 At the Durango School District 9-R Board of Education Regular Meeting, representatives of the Cunningham Group, Brian Construction and Reynolds Ashe + Associates presented an update to the schematic design community at the high school.

Secondary teachers continue to develop their approach to the participation of all students in learning. Please watch this behind -the -scenes video to see how teachers can become the best teachers they can be. A great complaint to teachers for their commitment to education and to all of our angels. it’s us!

Middle Schools In Colorado

Middle Schools In Colorado

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The Durango 9-R Food and Nutrition Services School District will provide free lunches to children through the Summer Food Service Program. Lunch is available at Santa Rita Park on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. June 7 to July 29.

At the 9-R Regular Meeting of the Durango District Board of Education on May 24, representatives of Anderson Mason Dell Architects — including DHS student Nick Huber, Jaynes Corporation and Jacobs Bond Project Management — presented the renovation of the Impact Career Center planning community.

The 9-R state budget meeting for the 2022-2023 school year will be held on May 19, 2022 from 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. In the library at Escalante Middle School. Come learn more about how schools allocate money to identify staff, resources and services based on school enrollment, as well as prioritize other expenses.

The next 9-R Durango District Education Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 5:30 p.m. This meeting will be held live at the Durango School District Administration Building, 201 E. 12th St., Durango.

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Join members of the 9-R Board of Education for informal discussions on district topics. Thursday 12 May 2022 at 12pm via Zoom.

A high school is a community of well-meaning students who complete higher education in a safe and supportive learning environment for college and career preparation, as well as emotional well-being. social.

Click this video to learn more about Safe2Tell and how you can use it to report anonymous issues! call. Make a Change The Colorado Association of Secondary Education (CAMLE) encourages you to come and visit these outstanding schools! While each of these schools demonstrates strong academic capabilities, developmental results, social equality and a strong organizational structure-each offers a different flavor due to different demographics and community-building strategies. -strong society. Each school has a unique place to visit. Details of each school and its major relationships are given below.

Middle Schools In Colorado

In Longmont, Colorado, Altona Middle School is part of St. Louis. Warren Valley Schools and enrolls 815 students in grades 6-8. Altona has won the John Irwin Award of Excellence 11 times and the Governor’s Distinguished School Award six times. The Altona community has come together to prepare each student to be a leader and gain basic 21st century skills such as self-reliance and academic skills to thrive in an increasingly challenging world. Rigorous teaching and learning is evident through the rigorous application of evidence -based teaching strategies and comprehensive instructional design. Teachers engage in ongoing collaboration, using the impact team as a system to improve teaching and continually improve. The daily schedule provides ample time for student analysis and project-based learning that is often supported by the new IdeaLab. Students have access to both out-of-course and out-of-course study options, including but not limited to Cyber ​​Patriots, Democracy Day, Shark Tank, Science Olympiad, River Watch and Green Team. Jeremy LaCrosse leads the staff at Altona Middle School.

Sterling Middle School

Part of the Roaring Fork School District, Basalt Middle School enrolls 475 students in grades 5-8. 43% of students receive a free/discounted lunch, 51% of the population is Hispanic, and 23% of the population is known to be an English language learner. Basalt’s students and staff point to their success in each child’s attitude to growth, high expectations for learning and achievement, caring staff, and team. teachers and responsible administrators. Each child is given a metacognitive opportunity to reflect on his or her development and learning strategies and is successfully supported in meeting the challenging demands of our competitive global society. Rigorous teaching and learning and transparent intervention that ensures each child receives timely and descriptive answers takes students to new and ever-growing levels. Teachers at the school ask students to monitor their learning path and identify the path to success. Jennifer Elsperman leads the staff at Basalt High School.

Brentwood Middle School, enrolling 632 students in grades 6–8, is in the Greeley-Evans school district. Brentwood is an IB MYP school that prepares all students to become lifelong learners who are inquisitive, knowledgeable, caring, international minded and connected to the world. 72% of the population receives free and/or discounted lunch and 15% are English language learners. Brentwood students are a diverse group so everyone can enter the program at the advanced and advanced levels. Brentwood faculty are regularly involved with the professional learning community to improve student learning, use collaborative teaching, and monitor student growth and development. Brentwood has worked successfully to close the gap between students and has seen tremendous growth in the areas of reading and writing. Active leadership empowers teachers at Brentwood to maintain hope for all students. Brentwood Middle School is led by Principal Nicole Peterson.

Shatabdi Middle School enrolls 566 students from grades VI to VIII. In Montrose, it serves students in the Montrose Country School District on the West Bank. In a challenging and exciting learning environment where first contact is involved, Centennial High School uses quality teaching, character education and rigorous curriculum to encourage long-term learning. According to student achievement data, Shatabdi is a growing high school. In addition, the Colorado Department of Education has designated Centennial as a School of Innovation. 43% of students receive a free and/or discounted lunch and 25% are learning English. Centennial incorporates the Expeditionary Learning Model as part of its character education program. The Faculty at Centenary is constantly developing new approaches to meet the needs of its diverse population through the introduction of technology, character-based learning and objective assessment. which leads the staff at Simo Centennial Middle School.

Corwin International Magnet School, a 4-8 urban magnetic school, Pueblo, enrolls 534 students in grades 5-8 at the Pueblo City School. It has a free and low population of 46%. Corwin International prepares all students to become long-term students who are inquiring, competent, caring and thinking internationally through world-class learning, new technologies, a rigorous curriculum based on control and meaningful evaluation. Corwin International educators are regularly involved with the professional learning community to develop survey-based learning groups for effective teaching strategies that regularly analyze student work. Corwin has worked successfully to close the gap in the number of students and has seen strong growth in the field of reading and writing. Strong leadership empowers teachers at Corwin to meet the expectations of all students. Corwin International Magnet School is led by Principal Ryan Massiotra.

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Flagstaff Academy Longmont, St. Warren Valley Schools enrolls 300 students in grades 6-8. Flagstaff is a high school that “flies science and mind.” 10% of the population receives a free and/or reduced lunch and 1% are English language learners. Their faculty regularly participates in professional -based, teacher -led, research -based learning that focuses on student learning, literacy and teaching strategies based on ‘ the research. The school has developed a unique program to provide flexible time for learning opportunities that include, student mentoring and community building, as well as community service, the project-based learning activities and educational interventions. Flagstaff has developed a strong technology and robotics program and works hard to create a fun and positive learning environment throughout the learning community. Their staff is led by its deputy director, Katie Gustafson.

In Fountain, Colorado, Fountain Middle School is part of the Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 and enrolls 1080 students in grades 6-8. According to the NICHE® 2019 Best School Districts in Colorado, the Fountain-Fort Carson School District has been named the Top School District for Diversity in Colorado. The Fountain-Fort Carson School District has the unique privilege of serving the children of the Armed Forces Service through the Fort Carson Army. Thus, about 70% of students are children of former and active military parents. The Resources community has come together to be able to provide a comprehensive program tailored to the needs and interests of each student. YouScience, Naviance tools, their full MTSS Framework, and the Post -Secondary Readiness Framework provide opportunities for educators, counselors, and administrators to ensure that all students have equal access to research -based research and experience. with interest, which may lead to suitable employment. along the way. The Resource offers a comprehensive sports program and activities that include a variety of services for students in an additional and collaborative curriculum. Generally, these recommendations are designed to retain students

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