Top Private Schools In Colorado

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Schools in Kent Denver have recently become national news after two former teachers, Jonathan and Diana Toebi, were charged with espionage. But we assume administrators are more satisfied with another development: Kent Denver has been named the best private high school in Colorado.

The new Niche rating service list for the 2021-2022 academic year offers a separate schedule list for public and private high schools in the country, with grades focused on five key subject areas: academics, diversity, teachers, faculty preparation, and clubs / activities. Points for health and safety at the public level and sports for private institutions are also included.

Top Private Schools In Colorado

Top Private Schools In Colorado

The Niche ranking, now in its eighth year, looks at 94,491 public schools, 2,489 private schools and 11,846 school districts nationwide by 2021, and even the best facilities in Colorado do not make it very interesting compared to them. in the country as a whole. Kent Denver, for example, is ranked as the 143rd best private high school in the United States. (out of 4, 290 in total). But it surpassed all private competitors in Colorado as Chery Creek High School won gold among state high schools.

Top 10 Best Private Schools In Colorado Springs, Co (2022)

Speaking of gold, paying for Kent Denver education is beyond the reach of most parents, given that annual tuition exceeds $ 32,000 – and Nis found that only about 24 percent of students receive financial aid. In addition, prospective students from outside of Colorado’s larger urban areas will need to relocate if they want to experience what Nis sees as the state’s most elite educational opportunity; all of its top schools in both the public and private categories are in Metro Denver or Colorado Springs.

Keep looking at Niche options for Colorado’s top five public high schools and top five private high schools, complete with top-of-the-line grades and tuition information. Click on the link to get more details about each school.

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Top 20 Best Private Schools In Denver, Co (2022)

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