Middle Schools In Colorado Springs

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Kolo. () – New threats against Colorado Springs high school and elementary school are not considered convincing, but the district continues to take any action, an Academy 20 district spokesman said.

“While the situation was resolved yesterday, new social media threats surfaced overnight, this time affecting Chinook Trail High School and Primary School,” Cortez told reporters. email.

Middle Schools In Colorado Springs

Middle Schools In Colorado Springs

On Tuesday night, the district became aware of the new threats and immediately contacted the Colorado Springs Police Department. According to a letter sent to parents and shared with 11 News, police have noticed students involved in the incident and do not believe there is a legal threat in schools. Both schools are open on Wednesday, but the district has said parents can keep their children at home if they wish.

Chinook Trail Middle School

Cortez told 11 News that the number of school threats has increased in recent days after the Michigan High School shooting. None of the local threats were found to be convincing.

“Last week’s events in Michigan have no doubt put everyone in our area very alert. Every time we see such a national event, we begin to experience something similar in our area. ”

“Our schools are one of the safest places you can be. We have security teams, SROs [school resource officers], and we work closely with the CSPD when we become aware of such threats. We have protocols such as access, locking, secure settings to ensure the safety of our students, and this is a priority in our lives. Although unreliable, we are strengthening the security of the campus, because we know it will feel safer if it is reconnected to our students after such a discussion. ”

Yesterday, Chinook Trail High School reported a potential threat to the school through social media. This situation has been rectified and although it may seem uncertain, unfortunately last night we learned of additional social media threats.

Chinook Trail Middle School Completes K 8 Campus Colorado Landscape Architecture Firm

We worked with Academy District 20 (ASD20) Security and the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) last night. All false threats are being investigated by the CSPD. We introduced the participating students, and during this time the CSPD considered all threats to be impossible. We will work with stakeholder parents, CSPD, and implement district policy to reach appropriate decisions.

In addition, we will continue to work closely with the ASD20 and CSPD Security Group. Today, CTMS and CTES work as usual. But if you choose to keep your student at home, we fully understand and respect your decision.

These are surprisingly difficult situations, and they can change quickly. If you see or learn new information, please let us know. And please encourage your students not to share this type of writing, but instead ask them to share information with a trusted adult.

Middle Schools In Colorado Springs

On Tuesday, police added more details to the reports. Police said they had seen widespread rumors during the investigation. Police say no one who shared or shared the information could explain where the threats came from. They could only recount what they thought they had heard. Police also detected a number of incorrect and bizarre links that were shared with these photos. Other examples include:

Police Explain Why Alleged Threats At 2 Colorado Springs Schools Were Only Rumors

Images shared with guns were taken more than a year ago and have nothing to do with the school threat. There was also a photo of a student holding a knife, which was found to have been taken more than two months ago outside the school. However, because so many people take photos of these photos, many believe they are new and share them on social media, claiming it is part of the latest threat.

In one of the photos of a student with a birthday cake, reading down the words “three more days” was associated with their birthday. However, on social media, it has been speculated that the photo was linked to the accident and that there would be a shooting at school within three days. It quickly spread to social networking sites. The SRO continued to monitor these allegations, and no one could say how the relationship was established.

Law enforcement agencies were told the “beating program” in which many students and parents blocked the original photos. As we did our research, it became clear that the students were talking to each other and made a list of people who they thought could be shot at school if they were threatened by someone. No “hit list” was created, but it was widespread.

Statement from Lt. James Sokolick, along with the Colorado Springs Police Department, said: “The CSPD would like to reiterate that we fully understand the concerns of these photographs and support those who want to contribute to the security of our society.” “We would like to encourage everyone to call law enforcement, inform school administrators of events or use the appropriate forms such as using Safe2Tell. Safe2Tell is an extremely valuable tool, and when incorrect information is reported in the media “rather than reporting it to the authorities, it hinders our ability to investigate in a timely manner. Please refrain from spreading lies or rumors and assist our community by reporting through the media.” This translation from CSNA Architects of Colorado Springs describes the new Carmel High School, which will be built in the same location as the existing school.

Plans Move Ahead On $32 Million Project To Replace Carmel Middle School In Southeast Colorado Springs

The development plan to replace Carmel High School with a new 100,000-square-foot school in one place where it has been operating for almost 50 years is in the hands of Colorado Springs community developers .

Town planner Lonna Thelen said it was a unique project because a new center would be built on the site of an existing school.

Implementation has been accelerated to meet the 18-month construction schedule. Thelen said the plan only requires administrative review, not the approval of the Planning Commission or Town Council.

Middle Schools In Colorado Springs

“Students and parents know that there are problems with school, so having a new classroom and a home environment will mean a lot to them,” said John Rogerson, a teacher. head of Harrison School Second District, one of the two deacons leading the district. .

Fox Meadow Middle School

Tom Lysne, architectural specialist at CSNA Architects in Colorado Springs, said the weak, fallen soil “caused significant structural problems with the original building.”

“The gaps between the windows and the door frames open and close, and there is a security issue and a security issue if you can’t open the doors,” Wilsey said.

To solve the problem, Lysne said, a “deep foundation” was planned, which included digging 10 feet under a building block and reclaiming the soil to make it more stable.

The school opened in 1970 at 1740 Pepperwood Drive on South Chelton Road. Administrative offices, which were part of the 2002 appendix, will remain because this part of the building has a different foundation, Lysne said.

Carmel Community School / Homepage

About twice the number of students will be able to go to Carmel once the construction is complete. Currently, 340 sixth, seventh and eighth grade students are studying at the school. The new building is designed for 600 students from 600 to eighth grade.

The state-of-the-art facility will feature classrooms, art, music and technology centers, a gymnasium, an educational center, a dining room and a hall.

The community meeting room, community learning center and family health center in Carmel in Entrada will also cover an area of ​​23 hectares.

Middle Schools In Colorado Springs

Rogerson said students will be transferred to different schools when classes start in the fall. He said sixth graders and teachers will be transferred to Monterey Primary School, and seventh and eighth graders from Carmel will attend Panorama High School during construction.

It’s Time To Head Back To School At Academy District 20’s Newest School, Chinook Trail Middle School!

“It will be a ‘school within a school concept,” Rogerson said. “We will keep students in one place and keep students and staff together for unity.”

Lysne says the design of the building is complex as it protects the main entrance to Pepperwood Drive and its existing stadiums. He is a general contractor for Bryan Construction in Colorado Springs.

Public opinion on the project has prompted the district to increase public space for meetings, events and adult education, Rogerson said. The district plans to provide computer, language, financial and parenting classes for adults.

Spokeswoman Christy McGee said the final touches were being made at the new Fountain High Fountains School, with music and STEM classes opening after the winter break. The curriculum was completed for classes in 2018, and a gymnasium and major offices were opened in August.

Fox Ridge Middle School / Homepage

The Harrison D-2 bond fund pays for the renovation of every school in the district, and Sand Creek International School has just completed its extension to add a high school. Flying Eagles Primary School will also be transformed into the K-8 campus and Harrison High School will be fully renovated starting next summer.

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