Nursing Schools In Denver Colorado

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On-campus Traditional Nursing Options Students who wish to meet the general study requirements and prerequisites of nursing at MSU Denver in their new and subsequent years of Nursing, B.S. Demand their young and senior years. Students pursuing the traditional nursing option will complete their new and sophomore years as registered nursing (unannounced) students. It is recommended that students gain experience working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) before applying to this program.

This on-campus traditional nursing program usually serves students with a high G.P.A. while completing some or all of the required courses. Our Traditional Nursing Options (NWT) is a highly competitive bachelor of science program. Students dealing with the traditional nursing option must successfully transfer or complete the prerequisite course, pass the HESI exam and have a 3.0 G.P.A. For previous and needed coursework. Students dealing with the traditional nursing option must first apply and accept MSU Denver as a Nursing (unannounced).

Nursing Schools In Denver Colorado

Nursing Schools In Denver Colorado

MSU Denver Nursing (unannounced) applications are accepted year-round. Eligible TNO candidates can apply for the TNO program from July 1 to September 1 until 5 p.m.

Denver College Of Nursing

Please see the MSU Denver Background Inspection Guidelines. In addition, the drug will be tested before entering the TNO program.

If you are not yet a nursing (unannounced) student, please review the requirements for nursing (unannounced) admission before applying to the TNO program and being accepted as an MSU Denver nursing student (unannounced).

The Traditional Nursing Option of Denver Metropolitan State University (TNO) is an on-campus nursing program that serves students who want to meet general study requirements and pre-nursing requirements in their new and new years, followed by nursing, B.Sc. Demand their young and senior years. Students pursuing the traditional nursing option will complete their new and sophomore years as registered nursing (unannounced) students. A minimum total GPA of 3.0 and a prerequisite GPA are required to apply for the nursing program.

Eligible TNO candidates are ranked based on the calculation of ANT / TNO acceptance marks. Graduates are eligible to apply for the National Council’s License Exam for Registered Nurses. (NCLEX-RN). The top 26 students will receive conditional admission into the TNO program. Students who are admitted into the TNO program will take only nursing courses for young and advanced years. Graduates are eligible to apply for the National Council’s License Exam for Registered Nurses. (NCLEX-RN).

Top 10 Best Nursing Schools In Colorado 2022

Please see the MSU Denver Background Inspection Guidelines. In addition, the drug will be tested before entering the TNO program.

If you have been accepted as a nurse (unannounced) student at MSU Denver and you have completed the five steps of the TNO application, you are ready to apply for the TNO program. There is no charge for the MSU Nursing Program application.

The traditional nursing program at MSU Denver does an excellent job of laying the foundation for the knowledge you need to get started and prepare for your career as a nurse. Entering the program makes it clear that every professor is there to help and guide you to become your best nurse, they are there to support you both academically and professionally to help you start your career. The event is both challenging and rewarding, you will push yourself further than you intended to go, but in the end you will feel confident and proud that you stepped on the floor for the first time as a registered nurse.

Nursing Schools In Denver Colorado

I recommend the BSN program at MSU Denver because it is not only the cheapest BSN program in Metro Denver but you are more prepared for both NCLEX and life as a new graduate nurse when you graduate.

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MSU Denver was very challenging, but the faculty and staff were invaluable to my success. Their connections to the major hospitals for my nursing clinic were very important in shaping the experiences I had as a nursing student. This gave me the confidence I needed to get the critical care position I had gained one month after graduation. Nursing is an important business related to the health care sector in the state of Colorado. That’s why Colorado is one of the states in the United States where you can find the best nursing schools.

In general, you can become a registered nurse through training. However, many employers now prefer nurses with a bachelor’s degree or other higher degree. Because only a few nurses have this qualification, there is a lack of qualified nurses to meet the constant demand in the healthcare sector.

That is why nurses with grade qualifications are always in high demand. Look; The American Association of College Nurses estimates that by 2022, more than 1.05 million jobs will be available for registered nurses (RNs).

To fill this vacancy you need to go to a good nursing school and Colorado is the best place to get the best nursing education.

Anschutz Medical Campus

So, in this post, we will show you the best nursing schools in Colorado to get a nursing degree with their requirements and costs.

Colorado is one of the most valued states in the United States for nurses. With a diploma from any nursing school in Colorado, you can practice in any state.

U.S. The Health and Human Services report shows that by 2025, about 13,000 job opportunities will be available for nurses. This means that graduates with a degree in nursing will easily find work.

Nursing Schools In Denver Colorado

U.S. In addition to the service report, there is a wide range of job opportunities because the state has a high aging population that requires care.

Traditional Nursing Option

Nurses in Colorado earn more per hour than most states. In addition, schools have a wide range of program choices available to students.

In particular, students studying in Colorado receive a scholarship of $ 75 per credit. This scholarship is provided by the Collegiate Opportunity Fund provided by the state.

In addition, many of Colorado’s leading nursing schools offer financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships and other awards to help their students study in the state.

The requirements at any registered nursing school in Colorado largely depend on the program for which the student wants to go.

Best Denver Nursing Schools > Top Rn To Bsn

For example, for an Associate Degree in Engineering (DNA), you must have at least 2.5 GPA, knowledge of TEAS, and an official transcript from your previous school.

Meanwhile, in addition to official transcripts, master students must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. And also, send a professional portfolio and start over.

It is true that qualifying for nursing is expensive. However, when you compare the price with what you will earn in the future, it is a great investment.

Nursing Schools In Denver Colorado

Basically, Colorado’s cost-effective nursing programs vary from school to school. For example, the cost of teaching a DNA program at Lamar Community College is about $ 161 per credit hour in a 70-hour program over 4 semesters.

Best Nursing Schools In Colorado 2022

Meanwhile, students at the University of Colorado’s MSN program in Denver cost about $ 600 per credit hour and do not include additional fees.

Remember, the cost does not include textbooks and materials, lab costs, clinical equipment or other costs, as graduate students are expected to have most of these things as practicing nurses.

Just as the cost of getting a nursing degree varies, so does the salary. Your income as a nurse depends on how many years of experience, degree and the city where you work.

According to, a nurse with 1-5 years of work experience in Colorado earns $ 29.05- .4 30.49 per hour, while a nurse with 6 to 15 years of experience earns $ 32- .3 35.32 per hour.

Best Nursing Schools In Denver Area

Overall, the average registered nurse with any nursing school program in Colorado earns about $ 72,570. This is close to the country average of RN.

Basically, there are more than 20 accredited nursing schools in all the different cities of Colorado. These schools provide high quality training to the students.

Remember, with a diploma from any of the above accredited schools, you can become a nurse, a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse. You can also specialize in any of the following areas: Nurse-Anesthesiologist, Nurse-Midwife or Nurse-Practitioner.

Nursing Schools In Denver Colorado

The next thing is to make a choice. This will not be an easy task because you are looking at a long list.

South Denver School Of Nursing Arts

To help you relieve stress, we’ve compiled a list of the best nursing schools in Colorado. We ranked these schools according to their ability to educate highly competent nurses.

This is the main factor we considered in our ranking. Here the performance of the students in the exam is important. Nursing schools with higher pass rates rank higher than others.

The lower the admission rate, the lower the faculty-student ratio. This means that students will receive more attention from professors. In this ranking, schools with low admission rates are ranked higher than other top nursing schools in Colorado.

It would be useless to go to an accredited or non-accredited school of any accredited institution. That’s why we considered only nursing schools in Colorado that offer accredited programs.

Colorado’s Top Nursing Schools & Accredited Online Programs

Pike Peak Community College is the largest college

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