Daily Trading System Forex

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What is the best Forex trading strategy? This is, of course, a question I am asked several times a day. Once you start trading, you have to adopt a specific trading strategy and then focus all your attention and energy on the job. Most traders don’t do that and then fall victim to system jumps.

In this guide, I will explain the difference between different strategies, what their rooms are like, what you need to know when working best and choosing a specific Forex trading strategy.

Daily Trading System Forex

Daily Trading System Forex

As you can see, every trading strategy and style tries to capture different market patterns. This will also be one of the main approaches as I am a big supporter of specialization. Instead of always trading, you have to choose a specific market order and then try to be the best.

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The trend is to experiment with most of the following merchants and say things like “trend is your friend” for decades.

Trend, as the name suggests, is a trading style in which the trader must wait for a predetermined trend before entering the market. Thus, traders who follow the trend have to wait patiently until the real trend appears.

The following screenshot shows the share of market movements that are usually captured by traders. The red areas show the market backs, while the blue areas follow the trend.

Most amateurs make a mistake by predicting a new trend and wanting to get in too early. These traders, even though they consider themselves traders of the trend, are really back traders.

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As traders have to wait for the trend to be confirmed, the question arises: when will the trend be confirmed?

Traders who follow the trend are trying to introduce a new trend as early as possible, which can be too early and lead to false signals. The advantage is that the potential reward / risk ratio is much higher.

Recent trend traders are waiting for more approval. Of course, they arrive too late, but their signals are stronger. Trading – The higher the winning rate, the higher the reward / risk ratio.

Daily Trading System Forex

When it comes to trading tools, a trendy trader can choose from a variety of options. Momentum indicators such as MACD, RSI or STOCCHASTIC are often popular.

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The only way to stay afloat after the trades is planned in the screenshot under STOCHASTIC is to wait until the STOCHASTIC reaches the bottom or top zone. Most traders make mistakes and believe that this may indicate a completely wrong return. Very high or very low STOCCHASTIC indicates a strong trend.

Of course, moderate movement is another tool that follows a popular trend. The two moving average performs very well as a cross signal in the average screenshot. As the average movement intersects, a new trend begins. The best thing about this crossover system is that traders automatically avoid high and low selections because it takes some time to get through the average movement.

Another trend tracking tool is the Ichimoku indicator. This is similar to the moving average crossover system, but the rooms are different. The classic Ichimoku post is given when it comes out of the “cloud” as Ichimoku both move in the same direction.

Returning after trading is another type of trend. Traders are looking for a specific trend and are trading as corrective steps. Adjustments are price movements in the direction of the main trend.

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In the following screenshot, the market was on the rise, and the reversal (correction) prices are short-term or out of trend.

The traded trader expects the price to continue in the trend direction and even enter the trade when the market falls. The danger of the second method is reversal. But the advantage is that the reward / risk can be greater.

The market does not always provide a return. The example on the left shows a market that has fallen in price but has never fallen. There were several setbacks in the second and third stages, and good entry opportunities were offered for traders.

Daily Trading System Forex

As you can see, post-trade attraction and trend are very similar and traders tend to trade as a natural progression.

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Of course, schemes have different ways to get back. There are 3 examples in the following screenshot.

Medium mobility is also a popular tool for attraction. Returns may be traded when prices enter the trend market and then return to the medium term. Either the trader trades when the price moves to the moving average or when the price expects the trend to continue.

We’ll see when we talk about the breakout trade, and we can also trade the price formation backwards. In the following screenshot, the price was clearly falling when the head and shoulders were formed. In such a context, head and shoulder formation becomes a pattern trend and can be seen as a retraction. The lines between attraction and tendency are blurred here.

Therefore, re-trade can also be considered a very big trend trade. However, it is usually more efficient to choose a reversal after a classic trend, as each trading method has its own characteristics.

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The following screenshot shows a chart with different market stages and trends. Traders who follow the trend usually go to the trend early or mature. The return trader begins to focus on the market as the market enters a mature trend. This usually occurs at least 2 or 3 times after the onset of a wave.

The risk of being a re-trader is too early and the opposite is always the case. Most failed return traders are trying to predict a market change. Greed motivates traders here because they believe that they can get in early, absolutely high / low, and therefore get a higher reward / risk level.

When it comes to reversing tools, the difference is classic confirmation. The RSI difference indicates that the trend has expired. When the maturity trend gives you the RSI difference, the reversal can be frequent.

Daily Trading System Forex

The RSI is usually a trend indicator, but when the RSI shows that the trend is losing its strength, it can perform very well as a reversal tool. MACD or STOCHASTIC can also be used as a back-up tool.

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I consider myself a very early trend after a classic or back trader. Trading backwards has never been more convenient for me, and when I realized that reversals do not mean predicting a turnaround, it became a “fun” way to trade back.

Divorce depicts the rejection of the consolidation pattern. Consolidation patterns, as shown in the screenshot below, can occur at market turning points (up and down for a reversal) or during a set trend.

The following screenshot shows the connection between the two market phases of consolidation and breakdown. Consolidation may be at a turning point in the market and fragments are a signal for a reversal of the trend. If the consolidation occurs within a specified trend, the trend after the signal.

The following screenshot shows this function once again and that the divorces connect different stages of the market. As a trader, it is usually better to choose a specific type. Trading all passages can lead to bad results and confusion, as each stage of the market behaves differently, so different tools, signals, and understanding are required.

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Breakout Traders – Exemplary Traders and Breakout Traders are usually looking for edge consolidations, head and shoulders, mugs and other forms of consolidation. The following scenario shows a circle called the pattern of consolidation. Network characteristics show that the upward movement is slow because the price cannot rise easily. The trader then expects the market to move in the opposite direction and follow the pattern.

The breakout trade is multifaceted, so it’s important to find out if you want to be a trader or a trader. Each stage of the market has its own rhythm and needs to be looked at differently.

As I said, I consider myself an early trader / trader after traders, and I also say that I stop trading. This helps me to define my business character even more. I would like to see clear examples with a well-defined point at the turning point of the market.

Daily Trading System Forex

Most traders never know what defines them, and knowing the differences and similarities can help determine your trading business plan.

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I trade a lot of different reversals and trade patterns, but one is a classic head and shoulders. head and shoulder pattern

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