Latest Android Software Update

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If you recently bought an Android phone, it probably prompted you to install a security update or two at some point. You may have noticed that these updates do not usually add much to the new functionality. Instead, they tend to be quite small in size – about a few hundred megabytes. Namely, they are also independent of the updates of the larger versions (like Android 12) that come with a series of new features.

No matter how awkward they may seem, security updates are clearly quite important. As you would expect, it is not ideal for your personal device to be exposed to data leaks and malicious attacks.

Latest Android Software Update

Latest Android Software Update

So, in this article, let’s take a quick look at what security updates are, how they work, and when you should expect the next one to arrive on your Android smartphone.

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The basic Android operating system, or AOSP, is open source. This means that Google develops and maintains the project, but any third party can voluntarily review the code, submit suggestions, and customize it for their own use. The latter is exactly why the Samsung phone runs very different software from the Xiaomi or OnePlus device. In short, manufacturers build their features on top of the foundation provided by Google.

Why is it important? Well, periodically, security researchers discover new bugs and vulnerabilities in the Android operating system and report the discovery to Google. Once the problem is identified, Google develops a patch and merges the updated code with the Android open source project.

However, it is not entirely feasible to introduce a new software update for all vulnerabilities. Most bugs and security gaps are quite small and are unlikely to affect the vast majority of individuals right away. Furthermore, researchers do not usually publish feats in public until a piece has been published. This is called responsible disclosure.

To do this, multiple patches are usually collected in a larger package that arrives at your smartphone in the form of a security update. Google notifies device manufacturers of these fixes in advance so that everyone can try to post an update at the same time. However, in reality, most Android users do not receive an update every month, as we will discuss in the next section.

Android: Software Update Machen

In addition to the basic Android operating system, exploits and vulnerabilities can occur in many other areas. Take the chipset or display on your smartphone, for example, which is probably made by a third company like Qualcomm, Mediatek or Samsung.

These components communicate with the Android operating system via proprietary code, where similar feats can be detected over time. To that end, it is important that they obtain their own safety diapers from their respective manufacturers.

However, once the patches are ready, the manufacturer (and holder) of your device needs to be delivered to your device. Some newer smartphones receive updates every month, while others may receive a new patch every quarter. However, as part of the Google Mobile Service Agreement signed by most manufacturers, they must provide security updates for at least the first two years of the device’s life cycle.

Latest Android Software Update

Google typically provides two “levels” of security updates each month: one ending at 01 and the other at 05. The former contains solutions to all AOSP issues, while the patch level ending at 05 addresses issues related to third-party components. and ownership code. Each month, Google also publishes a security newsletter that describes the content of patched vulnerabilities on the Android Web site.

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Get the October 2021 security bulletin, which contains dozens of patches. Each is marked with a Common Vulnerability Identifier (CVE) and categorized according to severity. The site also explains in detail how any vulnerabilities can affect Android devices. For example, RCE, or the exploitation of remote code execution, may allow an attacker to execute malicious commands on a device.

While this information is invaluable to public transparency, most end users do not need to know the details. And most devices will have even more device-specific or manufacturer-specific vulnerabilities. In other words, you will not know the exact details of all the patches included in a particular month’s security update.

It is worth noting that most security patches do not include feature updates or changes to the overall user experience of the device. They come in the form of regular software updates every year, such as the jump to Android 12., although most manufacturers need extra time to run basic updates on their devices. That said, some manufacturers occasionally collect minor enhancements and bug fixes in their security updates.

OEMs on devices like Samsung, Nokia, and even Google themselves are developing their own versions of monthly security patches. This is because they must either include device-specific exploitation solutions or exclude certain patches that do not affect their devices. You can usually find updates on manufacturers’ websites, such as this Samsung page.

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Newer phones running Android 10 or later may also receive basic security updates through the Play Store. This is due to Project Mainline – a Google-led initiative that modulates the Android operating system to facilitate individual updates. It basically allows some parts of the operating system to receive updates through the Play Store, as well as full firmware updates from the device manufacturer.

Because the two distribution modes are independent of each other, your phone may display two different patch dates. Exact details are usually found under Settings> About Phone> Android Version, as pictured above. The idea with the two-channel update is to allow older devices to continue receiving critical patches through the Play Store. This will be especially important if large-scale exploitation such as Stagefright is to be recovered.

Going back to the regular security updates from Android manufacturers, you can usually expect to get them for several years – longer than feature updates. Take for example the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Android 9 – its latest major feature update – received in February 2019, about two years after the release of the phone. However, it continued to receive quarterly security updates until mid-2021.

Latest Android Software Update

Starting with the Pixel 6 series, Google has promised to offer security updates in five years – two years longer than the three-year commitment to update Android versions. Samsung, the largest Android OEM globally, offers four-year security updates on all its devices released after 2019. Other brands, including Xiaomi, Nokia and OnePlus, do not offer the same level of consistency in their product portfolios. However, most of them promise at least two years of security updates these days.

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In terms of frequency, new high-end devices like Samsung’s Galaxy S21 tend to receive patches relatively often – once every few months. Devices on the other end of the spectrum (read: cheap smartphones and tablets) may be given lower priority in the manufacturer’s update cycle. However, the update should be published once every few months.

It is important to note that these timelines are purely the manufacturer’s promises and are subject to change at any time. Over the years, we have seen several devices expire earlier than expected. Others continued to receive security and feature updates for several years longer than originally promised. Needless to say, if the security of your device is an important factor for you, consider the brands that have had good success with updates for your next smartphone purchase. You need to update your Android operating system to stay up to date with the latest features and get the most out of your Android device.

Want to know the benefits of updating your Android OS? Do not worry, we have collected a few points that justify the reason for updating your Android OS.

Obviously, this is not a new problem, but we want an article to cite when telling people to upgrade their Android devices. Here it is:

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The options may vary slightly depending on whether you have Android stock installed or a custom interface in addition. For example, Google Pixel phones are stock with Android, and Samsung smartphones include a customized user interface (ie One UI).

So, now you know the basic reasons for updating your Android OS. Let us begin to know how to do this.

Options may look different on another smartphone, but you do not have to worry about that. It’s basically the same – so the steps will be very similar.

Latest Android Software Update

1. Launch Settings on your smartphone. Note that you should go to “System Settings”, not the starter settings (if you have one installed).

Update Samsung Galaxy S11 Into Latest Version Software Update Ota

3. Now, on the next screen, just tap on “Advanced” to download more available options. Here you will find the “System Update” option as shown in the image above. Tap it to start checking for updates. That is it!

The user interface may differ slightly depending on your manufacturer and version of Android. So, you should also check the steps to update your Android if you are on Android 7 or older for information only:

Step # 3: Now, you will see an option

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