Commercial Property Real Estate Companies

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49179 Ostercapelln Modern, high-quality single-family house – 2021 Living area Approx. 142 m² • Land 748 m² • Bedrooms 5,600,000 EUR

49448 Lemförde Large, modern dental practice with separate apartment for use or rental Approx. 445 m² • Land area 1400 m² • Rooms 20,815,000 EUR

Commercial Property Real Estate Companies

Commercial Property Real Estate Companies

49088 Osnabrück Luxury city villa in prime location Living area approx. 330 m² • Land area 1530 m² • Bedrooms 7 4,500,000 EUR

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49086 Terraced house with a large garden in Osnabrook Lustringon! Living area approximately 113 m² • Land area 530 m² • Rooms 5,460,000 EUR

49076 Grandmothers Flat Attractive Villa In Osnabrook Westerberg Approximately 298 m² • Land area 1005 m² • Bedrooms 6 1,550,000 EUR

The university town of Osnabrook is located in northeastern Germany, in the middle of the “Osnabrooker Hoogelland” between northwest Wienheberg and the Tutuberg Forest in the south. In the latest Gothic style. The construction, which lasted more than a quarter of a century, was completed in 1512. It is considered a landmark of the city. The beautiful old town with many historic squares and numerous galleries is the center of attraction. For many German visitors, the city is characterized by a combination of tradition and modernity.

The well-known May Week across the country, where musicians and bands perform on various stages in the city center, reflects the dynamic side of city life. UNESCO Geopark TERRA.vita, located in the district of Osnabrook, is one of the few nature parks in Germany with a diverse and therefore very diverse landscape, and is one of the most popular amusement parks in the north -West Germany. As a former crossroads of ancient trade routes, Osnabrook offers excellent economic conditions for businesses in the automotive, metalworking and paper industries.

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This is the sixth consecutive time the seal has been received. This is recognition of the professional and consistent high quality performance of Affiliate Partners and their teams across Europe.

The stamping was carried out in compliance with various criteria. First, each individual co-worker in a store was assessed for professional performance, reliability and passion that contribute to their team’s success. In addition, store appearance, team building, marketing ideas and marketing activities are considered.

VON POLL IMMOBILIEN is the only real estate agent to have received the “Highest Reputation” seal of approval from Focus Money Magazine in April 2021. A company’s reputation is determined by: management, sustainability, product and service, performance as an employer and profitability. For the DEUTSCHLAND TEST, the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) tested these components on 7,000 large companies in Germany. A total of 9.6 million references from the companies studied were recorded, analyzed and evaluated. With a maximum of 100 points, VON POLL IMMOBILIEN received a “top” rating.

Commercial Property Real Estate Companies

“The Von Paul Immobilian have handled things professionally from day one. They have always been loyal and very dedicated. This is the second item we have sold through Von Paul. We have been very pleased.”

Top 10 Commercial Real Estate Companies In Portland

“A very talented team of brokers! We have always been attentive to all questions related to our property search and have always been at our side to advise and act!

“My wife and I found a good house in Belm, which was offered by lottery. Estate agent, Ms. Wolbert gave me and my wife very detailed, honest and helpful advice and supported us in everything we needed. After the formalities and the conclusion of the contract, Miss Wolbert was ready to answer all our questions. The purchase of the house was very happy thanks to this professional and at the same time personal support. We would therefore like to thank you for your happy cooperation and warmly recommend Miss Wolbert as your broker.’

“Everything was perfect, from the valuation of the property, to the presentation, including the notary’s appointment advice! Thanks again to Mrs. Nina Mansberg for the family atmosphere and the great tips! I can definitely recommend VON POLL IMMOBILIEN.’

Deutsche Leibrenten Grundbesitz AG is the market leader in real estate annuities in Germany. berlin.neukoellner buys houses and apartments for people aged 70 and over. Sellers will receive lifetime residency and lifetime pension – both of which rank first in the land registry. Thus, a real estate pension makes the most of your own home: it allows you to stay in your familiar surroundings and at the same time provides you with a stable financial income. Sug is the capital of the canton of the same name in Switzerland. It is beautifully situated on the western slopes of Zuckerberg. The old town of the municipality, which has just under 30,000 inhabitants, fascinates among other things with the colorful games on the water, the narrow and winding corridors, the small street cafes, the aristocratic shops and the magnificent buildings. Towers, gates, churches, forts and the historic town hall are all features of the romantic cityscape.

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Sug lives a mixture of tradition and modernity. This is also reflected in the real estate offer. Whether it’s the beautiful old town or the rich villas of Zuckerberg, Rish or Buenos Aires and the lovingly restored half-timbered buildings: there is something for everyone. Families and nature lovers choose Bar, Newheim, Mensingen, Cham or Hunenberg as their place of residence. Rotkreuz and Küssnacht also continue to enjoy great popularity. Friends of culinary delights will also get their money’s worth.

Besides the famous Swiss cheeses, the town of Sug is especially famous for its cherry cultivation. The true hallmarks of Sugland are cherry blossoms, sweet cherries, aromatic kirsh and the legendary kirsh cake. A bike tour is a great way for those who want to actively explore the beautiful countryside around them. The offer of tours is enormous and has the right path for all the required difficulties.

Secure one of your favorite properties in Zug. Your qualified VON POLL real estate brokers maintain excellent contacts with potential buyers and are committed to providing first class brokerage services. We are well connected locally and nationally in Sugil and surrounding areas and have excellent references.

Commercial Property Real Estate Companies

Sug is known for internationally renowned corporate sites. Various branches of the industrial economy, such as medical technology and the capital goods industry, have settled here. Zug benefits from a very good infrastructure. Bus, train and light rail offer optimal connections to nearby communities such as Bar, Cham and Rotocruz. Zurich airport can be reached by car in about 35 minutes.

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Sugil’s education system has all kinds of schools as well as reputable private schools. The universities of Lucerne or Zurich are less than 30 km away.

Owners wishing to know the value of their property, use our free estimate offer by our experienced real estate appraisal experts. If you want to sell or rent your property, we will negotiate your house or apartment professionally and wisely. Commercial real estate includes all types of property not used for residential purposes. For example, office buildings, retail warehouses, and restaurants are all types of commercial property. In the commercial real estate game, whether you’re trying to make it as a seller or a buyer, it’s essential to know which businesses dominate your area.

There is no shortage of commercial real estate companies in Portland, but we were able to narrow it down to the top 10 that we believe will outperform the rest.

UrbanWorks Real Estate is the only retail brokerage in Portland, focusing on local and downstairs commercial storefronts and retailers. As a one stop shop for all real estate needs. UrbanWorks offers a variety of services to owners and retailers. Some of them include traditional landlord and retailer representation, specific development planning, market infiltration for retailers, and business area analysis for landlords.

Levrose Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There is so much to discover in the Pacific Northwest. ARC has 16 real estate brokers who want to find these gems with you. Commercial Realty Advisors NW LLC (CRA) is a full-service real estate firm based in Oregon and Southwest Washington specializing in retail leasing, sales, tenant representation, landlord representation and advising in development.

Capacity Commercial Group offers a highly personalized brand of office and industrial real estate services. They handle sales and leases to individuals and businesses, as well as a full mix of landlord representations, including land acquisitions and allotments. The company is happy to help its clients make the most informed decisions with a focus on providing immediate long-term business plans.

The Windermere community aims to help commercial customers sell or rent their commercial property quickly and easily. Windermere is one of the best commercial real estate companies in Portland, Oregon, helping you find quality space that suits your business and meets your needs.

Commercial Property Real Estate Companies

Macadam Forbes has the knowledge of the market to offer its customers the best commercial relationship, from research to rental or sale. The product knowledge and geographic specialization of their company and agent have been proven since 1978.

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HFO Realty Services has established itself as a cultural entity

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