Classes For Accounting Degree

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Financial Accounting teaches important accounting concepts and principles to illuminate financial statements and open critical insights into business performance and potential. Examine how managers, Wall Street analysts and entrepreneurs use accounting to make strategic decisions.

V. G. Narayanan Thomas d. Caesarley, Zoo. Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and Second Year Elective Curriculum Chair in the MBA Program. He served as a course leader for the first year MBA, accounting course required for reporting and financial control students, and sat in several executive education programs. His research in Management Accounting focuses on understanding how companies use incentives and feedback to improve performance.

Classes For Accounting Degree

Classes For Accounting Degree

Financial accounting consists of approximately 60 hours of material provided over a period of eight weeks. You can complete the course on your own time when you reach the regular deadlines.

Accounting Major Requirements

Financial Accounting is part of the Finance & Accounting Learning Track. If you are interested in developing in-depth insights and skills, you may choose to complete three Finance and Accounting courses in 18 months to earn a Specialist Certificate.

This course is also part of our three-course Credentials of Readiness (CORE) program – which includes Business Analytics, Economics and Financial Accounting for Managers – for $ 2,250.

Note: Participants enrolling in a Financial Accounting course are not eligible to enroll in the COR program. And when enrolling in the COR program, participants are not eligible to enroll separately in the Financial Accounting course.

Financial accounting teaches you the basics of financial accounting from the beginning. You will learn how to prepare a balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement, analyze financial statements and calculate and understand critical ratios. You will also learn the role of management in the selection of estimates and accounting methods. The course concludes with an introduction to assessment and evaluation.

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New cases: Starting with the October 2021 wave, there are two new cases in financial accounting: Mahindra Finance in Module 4 and Estee Lauder in Module 7. Mahindra Finance case covers Credit Risk Management and identifies the Estee Lauder case lease accounting and its impact. Recent changes in lease accounting standards. Professor Narayanan discusses new topics in this video.

Learning Requirements: In order to obtain the Certificate of Completion, participants must consciously complete all 7 modules, including satisfactory completion of the relevant exams within the specified deadline.

Harvard Business School offers a unique and more compelling way to learn important business concepts. Immerse yourself in the real challenges facing business leaders in various industries. Financial Accounting puts you as an equity research analyst, yoga studio owner and leader of one of the largest non-profit organizations in the United States. You will struggle with the problems they face while solving problems and interacting with fellow students around the world.

Classes For Accounting Degree

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Our quick application is free and does not require special documentation. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age, proficient in English and committed to learning and participating with fellow participants throughout the course. We will confirm your eligibility for registration within a week of your application. If you are interested in an accounting career, College of Business is the perfect place. Here are some reasons why you should pursue an accounting degree:

Read our website to learn more about our curriculum, faculty members, student organization and career opportunities. Easy to learn, live with and lead with an accounting degree from the College of Business Administration.

The accounting program is accredited by AACSB International-The Association for Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. It has had this recognition since 2005. The College of Business Administration is also accredited by AACSB International.

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In line with the College of Business, State University’s AACSB-accredited accounting program has positively impacted the social and economic strength of the region by providing students with professional service to regional and global companies / industries and successfully meeting labor development needs. Educated. , Responsible and involved accounting professionals.

Accounting courses provide specialized training for students who want to enter the public, private, public or non-profit accounting field. The program also offers courses required for admission to the Graduate Study.

State University accounting graduates are academically qualified to take both the Certified Management Accountant and the Certified Internal Auditor exams. Students who complete the 120-hour Undergraduate Accounting Program will be awarded a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

Classes For Accounting Degree

An applicant for the Louisiana State Board of Public Accountancy must have a bachelor’s degree or higher and have completed specific accounting and business courses, as described below, to attend the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination. To be licensed, an individual must meet the 150-semester hour requirement by December 31st.

Financial Accounting Online Course

In the fifth calendar year after successfully completing the CPA exam. An additional 30 hours per semester can be earned at the undergraduate or graduate level. Double Major earnings may be considered when students are pursuing an undergraduate accounting degree or pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree after an undergraduate accounting degree. Students should consult their educational advisor to help determine the best course of action.

CPA requirements vary from state to state. If a student wants to apply for certification in another state, they must contact that state accountancy board for specific requirements. In Louisiana, contact the State Board of Certified Public Accountants at 601 Pointeras Street, Suite 1770, New Orleans, LA 70130, phone number 504-566-1244, fax 504-566-1252.

ACCT 205. Introduction to Financial Accounting. 3-3-0. Requirement: Second year Standing and MATH 101 (MATH 117 for admission in Non-Business Majors with the approval of the Head of Department). Introduction to the corporate financial accounting system, including the preparation, interpretation and use of financial statements. [LCCN: CACC 2113] (52.0301)

ACCT 206. Introduction to Managerial Accounting. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: ACCT 205 or better. Introduction to admin accounting theories, tools and concepts. Priority will be given to technologies used to provide information for management decisions. Degree credit will not be provided for Accounting 206 and Accounting 306. [LCCN: CACC 2213] (52.0301)

Mscba Accounting & Financial Management

ACCT 306. Cost Accounting. 3-3-0. Requirement: Better in C or ACCT 205. Cost concepts, cost behavior, cost methods and uses and limitations of cost planning and control data. Degree credit will not be given for Accounting 206 and Accounting 306. Second year students can enroll in this course, with the exception of the College of Business Administration rule for 300+ level courses. [LCCN: CACC 3113] (52.0301)

ACCT 315. Not for Government and Profit Accounting. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: C or better in ACCT 321. Theory and practice of budgeting, financial and administrative accounting, auditing and reporting for government and non-profit organizations. (52,0301)

ACCT 321. Intermediate Financial Accounting I. 3-3-0. Requirement: Better than C or ACCT 205. Theory and application of generally accepted accounting principles with an emphasis on the preparation and analysis of the accounting cycle and financial statements. All second year students can enroll in this course, with the exception of the College of Business Administration rule for 300+ level courses. (52,0301)

Classes For Accounting Degree

ACCT 322. Intermediate Financial Accounting II. 3-3-0. Requirement: Better than C or ACCT 321. Continuation of ACCT 321, which promotes the accounting of a company’s stockholders’ assets, liabilities and equity. (52,0301)

Major: Accounting Concentration: Taxation Concentration Degree: Master Of Accountancy

ACCT 323. Intermediate Financial Accounting III. 3-3-0. Requirement: C or better in ACCT 322. Continuation of ACCT 322, which promotes rents, pensions, income taxes, corporate equity, accounting changes, cash flow statements and financial disclosures. (52,0301)

ACCT 351. Accounting Information System. 3-3-0. Requirement: Better than CIS 231 and C or ACCT 321. The design, implementation, control and application of system concepts and accounting information systems prioritize the use of computers in such systems. (52,0301)

ACCT 401. Advanced Accounting. 3-3-0. Requirement: Better than C or ACCT 323. Basic concepts in complex accounting disciplines such as partnerships, corporate consolidation and international operations. (52,0301)

ACCT 402. Internship in Accounting. 3-0-10. Requirement: Junior Standing and Department Head Approval. Maintains practical experience in an approved private or public organization involved in accounting related work. Only one internship per degree is counted. Warning: The CPA exam does not qualify as an accounting option for eligibility. (52,0301)

Get A Headstart On Your Business Classes: Take Accounting Online Over The Summer (bus 1a & 1b)

ACCT 403. Audit. 3-3-0. Requirement: Better in C or ACCT 322. Audit theory and practice; Use generally accepted auditing standards; Internal controls – study and evaluation of EDP systems; Professional behavior; Audit sample; Special audit engagements; Documents and reports; Solutions to audit problems. [LCCN: CACC 3313] (52.0301)

ACCT 406. Advanced Auditing. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: ACCT 403 or better. Advanced auditing concepts, practices and future development in professional and internal auditing. Cases and readings using auditing standards, procedures, professional conduct and legal liability. (52,0301)

ACCT 407. Income tax accounting. 3-3-0. Requirement: C or better in ACCT 205 and completing a 54-hour underdeveloped course. The basic structure and detailed rules of federal income tax laws apply to individuals. [LCCN: CACC 3213] (52.0301)

Classes For Accounting Degree

ACCT 408. Advanced Income Tax Accounting. 3-3-0.

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