Early Childhood Special Education Degree Online

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Are you ready to make a lasting difference in the lives of your students? The CAEP-accredited Master of Education in Special Education K-12 (License) is designed for those seeking K-12 teacher licenses with special training, as well as special educators seeking additional training. Here is your chance to increase your understanding of special education laws and to study best practices and disability services, teach talented students, address behavioral disorders and use assistive technology.

The experience ranks among the top national universities in the US News & World Report for three years (2019, 2020 and 2022). His programs have also been recognized in the Top 5 Online Graduate Programs in Virginia for 10 consecutive years. Graduates are entitled to make a difference in life, which has led to 865 alumni being recognized as Teacher of the Year on Hampton Roads since 2004.

Early Childhood Special Education Degree Online

Early Childhood Special Education Degree Online

The School of Education’s pedagogical guidance and learning preparation programs and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences interdisciplinary study program receive TEAC accreditation from the Commission of Inquiry of the Council for the Accreditation of Preparedness Educators (CAEP) for a period of seven years, the 12. / 31/2023.

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Provides the essential knowledge, resources and skills necessary for the success of the graduate. Topics include academic writing, online learning, information literacy, and training counseling and support services.

Before you earn a degree, complete a peak experience successfully. For the most part, the project consists of evidence, in the form of a portfolio, that the critical competencies of the program are met. Cross list with EFND 698.

It prepares participants to develop students’ communicative skills by focusing on language modes: listening, speaking and writing. The course content covers language development, language theories, and best practices in language evaluation and learning. Particular attention is paid to the language difficulties of students with mild disabilities and / or language deficits and / or bilingual acquisition.

Prepare participants to assess reading skills and to teach reading to students with mild disabilities and / or language deficits and / or bilingual acquisition. The course will address specific reading processes, approaches and steps, early intervention practices, corrective reading, diagnosis and remediation of reading problems, and reading assessment and instruction in the content areas. Research and analyze record ratings and interviews; Design, manage and interpret tests; write reports; and design, implement, and critique instructions. The focus will be on the application and generalization of knowledge to realistic classroom situations.

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Participants will gain the knowledge base and skills needed to collaborate and / or consult with other professionals, students and parents. Particular attention is paid to team building, collaboration counseling and co-teaching.

A supervised university internship under the guidance of a mentor teacher in a resourceful and / or independent environment with students with exceptional needs. Literacy instruction (reading, writing and speaking), math interventions and assessment design underlined by general curriculum studies. Seminar necessities during the course.

A supervised university experience under the guidance of a mentor professor in an inclusive environment. Participation in Co-Teaching / Collaborative Instruction for General Education and Students with Special Needs. Literacy instruction (reading, writing and speaking), math interventions and assessment design underlined by general curriculum studies. Seminar necessities during internship.

Early Childhood Special Education Degree Online

Learning disabilities, emotional / behavioral disabilities, and intellectual disabilities examined from theoretical, philosophical, medical, and legal perspectives. Emphasis on instructional methods for students with learning and behavioral problems, including Attention Deficit Disorder. The impact of learning disabilities, emotional / behavioral disabilities, and intellectual disabilities over a lifetime is studied, with an emphasis on curriculum, learning strategies, and transition issues. Assessment interpretation and individualized education plans (IEPs) are included.

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Fundamentals of education in the United States span historical, philosophical, and sociological developments, including key legislative and judicial decisions that have shaped current special education laws and policies. It addresses the physical, cognitive, cultural, social / emotional, spiritual, psychological development of children and adolescents. Emphasizes theories of human development and identification for special education services.

Detailed overview of identification, assessment, program options, interventions, and behavior management solutions for students with exceptional needs. Identify appropriate behavioral interventions and social skills learning strategies through case studies, simulations, and role-plays. Emphasize modification strategies based on learning style and cultural considerations.

Reading and math standards and curriculum methods for diagnosis, correction, instructional design, and curriculum adaptation are reviewed. Students identify reading and math difficulties; Exercise record reviews and interviews; administer and interpret formal and informal tests; write reports; and design, implement, and critique instructions.

Progress in literacy (reading and writing skills) in all subjects and education levels. Techniques that support independent reading, writing and learning in organization, summary, annotations, reading / writing strategies and techniques, and reflective thinking are covered in content courses.

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Performance appraisal study, IQ test, validity and reliability, constructs, authentic appraisal construction and score, referenced by the standard vs. referenced criteria, determination of biased assessments, and factors that may influence the assessment, such as cultural, behavioral, and learning diversity. Administration, scoring, and interpretation of commonly used individual and group instruments, including measurement and analysis of tasks, observation, portfolio, and environmental assessments referenced by standards, criteria, and curriculum; and the synthesis and interpretation of evaluation results for claim, program planning, and program evaluation decisions.

All new students must check in for the semester two weeks before the start date of the session. Students must apply, be accepted, enroll in their first courses, and confirm a plan to pay for their courses before date.

Dr. Elizabeth Hunter earned her B.A. and Fine Arts from Old Dominion University and his M.Ed. and special education focuses on MR, LD and ED at the University. In 2005, Hunter became a doctor of special education and communication education. His doctoral studies culminated in a final dissertation that integrated an ethnographic documentary about the expressed opinions of young adults with Down syndrome regarding their placement in the classroom.

Early Childhood Special Education Degree Online

Hunter is an Assistant Professor at the M.Ed School of Education. K-12 Training and Reading Specialization Programs in Ed. S. Educational Leadership with a Focus Program in Special Education. She has gained years of experience in the field of special education as well as in communication technology, in particular in television production and video training. Hunter has been involved in many publications and presentations in her fields and has received honors and awards for her contributions in both fields.

Early Childhood Special Education

With her talents as a painter, photographer, and production designer, Hunter has been successful in film and television production since 1979. She has won numerous awards for her contributions to television and film, most notably an after-school special. won. Honor and privilege to be a judge for the annual day and Primetime Emmy Awards. She has been a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences since 1987.

Hunter currently holds leadership and leadership positions in both areas of his church and community. She serves as chair of the Virginia Federation Council for Extraordinary Children and represents the VA CEC at the Representative Meeting and Leadership Sessions of the International Council for Extraordinary Children.

He advises ETS in the development of the assessment of the Special Education and Intellectual Disabilities PRAXIS II exam. In addition, Hunter consults privately with schools, churches, and parents in the areas of exceptional disabilities, particularly developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, and intellectual disabilities.

Hunter has a background in instructional technology and media and enhances his online and personal courses and publications with visual media technology. She presents the course curriculum with her ability to create words and images and uses streaming video as an educational tool. She was also instrumental in transforming hybrid courses into an online format, providing content for national and international students.

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Hunter conducts ethnographic research to produce educational films and documentaries with established research-based content suitable for use in higher education. She writes and produces educational articles and books with instructional videos and documentaries that educate and entertain. She has been producing a documentary series and book by name

, an autobiographical story about how a family deals with Down syndrome and all the things associated with it. It is an ongoing survey of students with special needs.

The School of Education requires a background check for all students participating in the Field Experience, which includes direct contact with students. The University School of Education has an agreement with Castle Branch, a private provider that does background checks for many universities and educational institutes. Once you have joined the program, you will be asked to set up an online profile on Castle Branch.

Early Childhood Special Education Degree Online

“It will be difficult to act freely and quickly and obediently to our Lord and Savior as we strive to be financially free. As a result, this scholarship allows the freedom to respond directly to God’s call.

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“Things of fear and depression told me I could not do: be independent, live alone, be very happy, go to university (magna cum laude!). Things I did: All of the above.

“In, mentors are readily available when students look for them. They are just waiting for you to take the initiative and ask for support. The blessings are beyond anything you can imagine.

“For anyone interested in developing the analytical skills needed to make sense of complicated ideas, I encourage you to attend Honors College. O

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